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Ronald Reagan

"If every member of the Senate were like Orrin Hatch, we'd be arguing over how to deal with a federal surplus, and that's why I like to think of Orrin as 'Mr. Balanced Budget'. The United States has been strong enough to deter aggression and maintain the peace, in no small degree due to the efforts of Orrin Hatch. He has been a champion of those who fight for freedom."

Mitt Romney

"If I am elected President, I'll need Orrin Hatch on my team. His leadership and clout in the Senate will be critical to less government and more fiscal restraint."

Sal Russo, Tea Party Express

"In 1976, when I was scouring the country trying to find people to stand up for Ronald Reagan, there were nor very many in the Republican Party that would. Orrin Hatch, however, stood up and was our state chairman. I think he was the original 'tea partier.' He has been talking about our issues from the beginning. Orrin is a Reagan conservative, as far as I'm concerned, and that's as good as it gets."

U.S. Senator Mike Crapo

"It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse your reelection effort to another term in the U.S. Senate. These next six years are some of the most critical for our nation. I know you agree with me that if we don't get real and start to make the difficult decisions that will put our nation on a sustainable path, we stand to lose the greatest nation on Earth.

"With you as our Republican leader on the Senate Finance Committee, the Committee will reflect the strong conservative values that we know well in the Intermountain-West. I look forward to working with you to reform our tax code, tackle our broken entitlement system, repeal Obamacare, address the problem of public pensions, and finally deliver a workable solution to our states on Medicaid.

"Thank you for your service and I look forward to welcoming you back as Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee."
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U.S. Senator Jon Kyl

"You have been a tireless advocate on behalf of our Constitution and the limitations it places on the size and scope of our federal government. And you have done more than any other Senator to raise funds critical to electing Republicans to gain a majority in the Senate."
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Sam Brownback, former Kansas Senator

"Orrin Hatch does a nice job of being effective, either getting things through or getting things stopped."

Mark Levin, Conservative Talk Radio Host

"What's crucial going forward is that we stop the President's agenda, take back the United States Senate and I feel that you would be... a terrific elder statesman to a lot of these other young guys who I'm going to be pushing in these other states."
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Sean Hannity, Conservative Talk Radio Host

"I'm not sure if Clarence Thomas would be on the bench today but for you. I don't think guys like John Roberts and Sam Alito would be there either. All the times you have been fighting for these Balanced Budgets over the years ... what you've done for the Supreme Court which is impacting this country literally now for generations and decades...is why I've endorsed you for your race in the Senate."
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Hugh Hewitt, Conservative Talk Radio Host

"I don't know if you've been noticing, but or surprised by the fact that people like me or Mark Levin have come out very strongly in favor of your re-election. You know, going back to your Clarence Thomas defense and others for conservatives..."
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Governor Sarah Palin

"Take for instance my endorsement that I will announce first-hand to you Greta. Senator Orrin Hatch in Utah, I want him to win. I join Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and other conservatives who would like to see Mr. Balanced Budget return to Washington. He's part of that 1% you hear about. Not the 1% that's mocked and criticized in the press lately, but the 1% of the national politicians who I believe should be re-elected, sent to Congress, because of his commitment to see a balanced budget in the United States of America. He wants to apply that common sense economic principle of balanced budget, fiscal responsibility, and I want to see him re-elected."
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C. Boyden Gray, Co-Chairman Of FreedomWorks Foundation Board

"It has been a great pleasure and honor to have worked with you for many years, when I was both in and out of government, and I cannot think of anyone better qualified to represent the state of Utah, to be Chairman of the Finance Committee with responsibility to reduce recent avalanche of regulatory burdens, and to provide continued and indispensable support for the Constitutionalist judicial nominees."
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Ken Blackwell, Board Member Club For Growth

"I measure people by their fidelity to principle and Orrin Hatch is a person who has met my standard. He is a principled long distance leader."

Stan Lockhart, Emeritus State Party Chair and Emeritus Utah County Chair

"Senator Hatch has been a champion of traditional values that define our state: hard work, limited government, lower taxes, less spending, and individual responsibility. He has a lifetime conservative rating of almost 90 percent from the American Conservative Union, almost unheard of for his length of service in the United States Senate. I trust him to continue to represent our state with dignity, strength, and the ability to get the job done."

Senator John L. Valentine, J.D. Fellow, American College of Estate and Trust Council

"I have been a tax attorney for 36 years. (Sound familiar?) Yes, because the year I started practice I met a candidate named Orrin Hatch running for the U.S. Senate. I was impressed then and am impressed now that he has placed a high priority on lower taxes and less spending. Senator Hatch has always been there when I needed help, fighting for Utahns against a convoluted tax system. We need an experienced hand to Chair the Senate Finance Committee and represent Utah's working families."

Mark Shurtleff, Utah Attorney General

"Senator Hatch was the first Member of Congress to label the individual mandate in the $2.6 trillion ObamaCare unconstitutional. He has been with our state all the way as we have joined forces to take this issue all the way to the Supreme Court. He is the only one who understands the severe financial ramifications of this legislation, as well as the constitutional questions that have resulted from this government takeover of our health care system; and is fighting for a full repeal."

Governor Gary Herbert

"...I will be voting for Orrin Hatch in the upcoming Republican primary election. As I consider Utah's future and the high-stakes challenges we face—whether it's growing the economy, supporting Hill Air Force Base, defending access to natural resources, or promoting sensible healthcare reform—Orrin Hatch's experience and seniority in the US Senate will be invaluable. Senator Hatch's tireless work ethic, grounded in conservative Utah values and matched by his keen understanding of critical issues, makes him the best choice for Utah."

Elaine Hatch, Wife

"Some have asked: 'Isn't it time to rest, to vacation or just take a break?' I can tell you that taking a break is the furthest thing from Orrin's mind. He cannot rest when he knows he is in a position to represent Utah values and help lead our nation's financial recovery in the coming months and years. Orrin works tirelessly and is an honest, strong man with unusual energy. You can rely on him."

Jim Hansen, Former U.S. Congressman and Norm Bangerter, Former Utah Governor

"Re-electing Orrin Hatch is Utah's chance to lead the nation. As Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Orrin Hatch can stop federal tax hikes. He can cut spending. He can balance the budget. He can repeal ObamaCare. This is Utah's time to lead. This is Utah's chance to change Washington."

Truman Hunt, CEO Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.

"Senator Hatch has fought to protect the right and ability of millions of Americans to have access to safe and affordable dietary supplement products that improve and maintain healthy lifestyles. He has been the greatest champion of Utah's multi-billion dollar a year supplement industry, that provides thousands of jobs and over $5 billion in revenue. He understands our issue and cares about our ability to grow and prosper."

Vickie McCall, Community Outreach Leader for Hill Air Force Base

"Perhaps there is no greater battle facing Utah in the coming years than the future of Hill Air Force Base. As someone who has worked in the community to help sustain the viability of Hill Air Force Base I can attest to the dedication, and leadership Senator Hatch has demonstrated in the fight for Hill Air Force Base time and time again. He has been our go-to person—someone who has the ability, the experience, and the established relationships to get the job done. It is vital for the future of Hill Air Force Base, and the thousands of jobs it provides, to keep Senator Hatch fighting for the base, and for the economic future of our state."

Mike Noel, Utah House of Representatives, Kanab

"As a public lands state, Utah faces many unique challenges that affect our ability to grow and prosper in communities throughout our state. Senator Hatch understands this and is in a position of real strength to address the issues we face, such as: access to our natural resources, including oil, gas and minerals; and keeping our roads open on public lands. Senator Hatch has always fought for our way of life in rural Utah, and as we face the challenges ahead, it is vital we keep Senator Hatch in a position of strength for the future of rural Utah and our state."

Josh James, Founder & CEO, DOMO

"Senator Hatch's record is clear—he has continued to work on and offer solutions to keep high-tech companies competitive in the global economy. He has battled for copyright enforcement to protect the innovations and creativity of our nation's technology companies, promoted protection for patents, and has fought and supported many policies which promote growth in research and technology."

Leland Hogan, Agriculture Leader

"Orrin Hatch has always been a friend to the agriculture industry in this state. Utah farmers can count on him to be a skilled and effective advocate for Utah's agricultural interests."

Don Peay, Founder of Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife

"Restoring power to the States is a huge issue for Utahns. In 2011 Senator Hatch led the fight in Congress to remove wolves from the Endangered Species list. Now, thanks to Senator Hatch, western states have the authority to manage the wolves within their borders. This is only the second time in the 35 year history of the Endangered Species Act that something like this has been done, and without Senator Hatch's influence it would not have happened. We need to keep Senator Hatch's seniority and leadership in Washington."

Scott Anderson, President and CEO, Zions First National Bank

"There is no one in Congress who has worked harder to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment, than Orrin Hatch. He has sponsored or cosponsored a Balanced Budget Amendment 24 times during his service in the United States Senate, falling just one vote short previously. Senator Hatch will continue the fight for this Amendment to force Washington to once and for all live within its means—just like Utah families have to do every day."

Dave Steele, Educator, Davis School District, Former State Senator, Former Vice-chair, Education Commission of the States

"Senator Hatch truly understands that the best thing for public education is to return control and flexibility back to state and local governments that are closest to educating our children. Senator Hatch has also taken a strong role in helping return federal lands back to Utah that would help bring much needed financial relief to our education system, and bring tax dollars to meet the needs of our school children."

Fred Lampropoulos, President and Chief Executive Officer, Merit Medical Systems

"Senator Hatch understands the issues that impact our industry and has supported the growth and expansion of Utah companies. The Senator started and continues to chair the Senate Republican High-Tech Task Force. As Chairman, he is in a key position to bring together the leaders of high-tech organizations and companies to discover ways to spur job growth and enhance innovation."

Bruce Remund, Co-Owner/President, VMI Nutrition

"Orrin Hatch has been Utah's dietary supplement industry's greatest champion. He has fought so that consumers will continue to have access to safe and affordable products to enhance their health and well-being."

Daniel W. Thatcher, Utah State Senator

"As one of the most conservative Senators in our great State's history, I know that the right thing is not always popular. Senator Hatch has a proven track record of standing up for Utah's values, no matter how difficult the fight. We can trust him to continue leading the charge towards fiscal discipline with the same experience, character, and determination that he has always shown. Please join me in supporting our Senator, Orrin Hatch."

Dinesh Patel, Founding Partner and Managing Director, Signal Peak Ventures

"Senator Hatch has championed enhanced incentives for the bio-tech sector, an increasingly important industry to the health and wellbeing of Utahns. His door is always open and he remains committed to finding solutions for the challenges Utah businesses face during difficult economic times, and a global economy."

LaVell Edwards, Ron McBride, Former Football Coaches, Brigham Young University, University of Utah and Weber State University

"Orrin Hatch is truly someone who cares about our communities and is one of Utah's greatest advocates. You can always count on Orrin to help in any way necessary to ensure that not only Utah's sports programs, but all aspects of our way of life in this state, are supported and strengthened. He has a great listening ear and a willingness to always go the extra mile to get the job done."

Brett Tolman, Former U.S. Attorney

"I observed first hand Senator Hatch's tremendous work to establish a more conservative judiciary with judges who understand judicial restraint and their constitutional role. He led the confirmation for Supreme Court Justices: Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and John Roberts; and was one of the principal defenders of Robert Bork. He also vigorously fought the filibuster of President Bush's appellate court nominees. His leadership for many years as the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary was remarkable and has been lauded by many for his dedication to the issues facing the judicial branch, and his strong defense and preservation of the Constitution."

Ronald W. Thompson, General Manager, Washington County Water Conservancy District

"Senator Hatch understands water issues and has been our ally in dealing with numerous federal issues. His expertise and experience have been invaluable in helping us deal with federal programs. He has always made himself available on issues of concern to us. We appreciate him and need him in the Senate!"

Darrell Rothlisberger, Rich County Cattleman

"Orrin Hatch has definitely made a big difference for cattlemen. Over the years he has been in the trenches fighting for us. There are a lot of people in Congress that don't understand how important agriculture is to our country or how important it is to protect rural America and the rural lifestyle. Orrin Hatch gets it—his record proves that."

Barney Chapman, Former Utah Credit Union Executive

"I have worked with Senator Hatch on issues of importance to our state for many years and have always appreciated his ability to get to the heart of the issues and find solutions to the challenges we face. He has always worked hard to advocate and promote free market principles that will have a positive impact on our economy and our ability to promote job growth."

Dell LeFevre, Garfield County Commissioner and Rancher

"Orrin Hatch is a great friend and advocate for agriculture in Utah. Making agriculture work in Utah is a tough enough job without the federal government interfering in our daily lives. When we have a problem related to water rights, endangered species, or overbearing federal bureaucrats we know we can go to Senator Hatch. Some people talk the talk—he walks the walk."

Your Endorsements

Daryl Acumen, Cedar Hills

"Senator Hatch is Utah's best chance to have a strong, disciplined and conservative voice in the critical forthcoming debate over tax and entitlement reform. He's a proven economic conservative and he's a principled spokesman for our cause. Re-electing Senator Hatch in 2012 should be Utah's job #1."

Michael Dunn, Brigham City

"His leadership and experience in the Senate is critical. Without it we cannot hope to reduce the size of government nor apply fiscal restraint to runaway spending."

Ed Cox, Salt Lake City

"Senator Hatch not only has a great conservative voting record in the Senate, but he is one of the few Senators who has an incredible talent for being able to get things done. Senator Hatch has always been a champion of the Balanced Budget Amendment. When he is chair of the Senate Finance Committee, you can bet your bottom dollar he will be working tirelessly to see the BBA pass."

Jim McKain, Cedar City

"I suppose this point has been made ad nauseam, but who in their right mind would throw out a US Senator just as he arrives at the pinnacle of influence in his career? He is just now about to become the ranking member, and in fact chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee which deals with such germane and controversial issues as Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, International Trade Agreements, and other Tax issues. All of these are important to the average Utah and American Citizen, so why would we ask Orrin Hatch to step aside so that someone like Charlie Rangle, or John Kerry could take over and drag The U.S. further towards the precipice of destruction? This is a ludicrous proposal. We need to keep Senator Hatch in power!"

Richard Lundquist, Sandy

"Because the ideals for which he stands are the same as mine and reflect the way of life the founding fathers intended for this great country. The liberal politicians of this nation are trying to tear down these ideals, which have spawn so many hero's who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. We can't let this happen to our beloved country."

Renae Cowley, West Point

"Because I am tired of runaway federal spending. Sen. Hatch will be able to stop all federal tax increases as Senate Finance Chair. We need Utah's leadership and values represented in Washington."

Michelle Scharf, Kaysville

"It has been my experience that Senator Hatch has always held the best interest of the people of Utah in his heart. I do believe that the time Senator Hatch has held office has been filled with years of service not only to Utah but our Nation. In the current heat of political winds and facing critical issues across our nations especially considering the financial issues. It is my my fervent belief that Senator Hatch is the right man at the right time."

Ray Beckham, Provo

"We need Orrin Hatch now more than ever. His experience, his knowledge, his contacts, his seniority, his reputation, his energy, his moral and ethical values, his conservative credentials,and his prestige on both sides of the aisle all combine to give Utah more clout than it has ever had—and at a time when we need it the most."

Brandon Pollard, Provo

"Orrin Hatch is defined his accomplishments for Utah and the entire Country. He is a proven leader and has consistently shown he puts the work before the glory."

Sheri Morreale, Ogden

"As a disabled veteran of the United States Army and mom to 3 US soldiers, I am proud to support Senator Orrin Hatch. There were a couple of times when the necessary chain of command EAS not following protocol and it could have been very bad for one of our sons. Senator Hatch was notified and he took the necessary action and the problem was taken care of even though some officers were a tad bit irritated. Senator Hatch checked back in with us to make sure everything was taken care of. He is a man of his record, He cares about the people he represents and he cares for the UNITED SYATES OF AMERICA. ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL."

Jade Burt, North Logan

"As a strong supporter of the Tea Party movement, I am firmly behind Senator Orrin Hatch. Hatch has been instrumental in championing conservative causes such as the Balanced Budget Amendment, an amendment, opposing socialized medicine, and nearly securing the passage of an amendment to prohibit flag burning, among others. He is also firmly committed to ensuring that conservative justices are appointed to the Supreme Court as he demonstrated in his time as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. In all of Senator Hatch's many years in the Senate, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, power, and experience. It makes no sense to throw away 36 years of conservative expertise. It is Utah's time to lead and Orrin Hatch should be the one to take on that mantle."

Ronald Dunn, Farmington

"He is a tireless worker against public unions and other special interests who advance their own pecuniary interests at the expense of America's."

Lisle Crowley, St. George

"Senator Hatch has the reputation on both sides of the isle in Washington of having and behaving with the highest ethics. With his ranking he can support conservative causes."

Kelly Stephens, Saratoga Springs

"Orrin is a fiscal warrior. For the most part, his record speaks for itself. He has a long and distinguished history of looking out for the people of Utah, and the people of this great nation!"

Ronda Gabrielson, St. George

"The Senator is positioned at this critical point in our history to play a unique role. As Chairman of the Finance Committee he can bring all of his experience and clout to bear as we attempt to balance the budget, reform the tax code, and reverse the devastating economic policies that have brought us to brink of a European-style melt-down. No one else can replace him at this moment in time."

Paula Obray Bell, Washington

"We are at a crucial time in this country and need true conservative values in our elected officials. Senator Hatch has a proven record in this respect and is at a point in his tenure as Senator where his background and experience are essential to maintain the values we expect from our elected leaders in Washington. We need his leadership, experience and wisdom now more than ever in Washington."

Julian Babbitt, Salt Lake City

"Anyone that was instrumental in getting Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, John Roberts, and Samuel Alito onto the Supreme Court has done more for the conservative cause than most others. Senator Hatch's efforts to get Constitutional originalists onto the Supreme Court demonstrates his strong commitment to liberty and conservative values. The fact that he will be able to implement Utah values at the national level as Chair of the Finance Committee is the icing on the cake."

Amber Johnson, Smithfield

I support Senator Hatch for so many reasons, including his desire and ability to help Utahns and his future position as the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee. But of most importance, I believe, is his ability to work with others and get things done. He holds to his principles, accepts that people don't always agree with him, and moves forward to do what's best for the country.

David Bresnahan, Sandy

I am grateful for the tremendous service of Senator Orrin Hatch, to Utah and to our Nation, and fortunately he is willing to continue to serve at a time when he deserves to retire and enjoy time with his family. We need him now, more than ever. I encourage everyone to continue to support Senator Hatch.

Russell Maddox, Midvale

Men of principle and hospitality, men who will listen to people they are diametrically opposed to, and men who have compassion are rare in politics. In a world that is content to polarize, vote party lines, and never have to think for themselves, it is nice to see Senator Hatch, a man of unfailing conviction, do what he has done. The world could do with more men like Senator Hatch, in and out of the government.

Steve Soelberg, South Jordan

We need a strong senior senator from Utah to lead the fight for lower taxes, a balanced budget, and a strong national defense. Senator Orrin Hatch is ready to lead. He has proven that he stands for Republican Utah values. We desperately need him back in the senate for six more years.

Terry Camp, Hyde Park

Since the moment Senator Hatch was elected to the United States Senate he has worked tirelessly for Utah. I think it is absolutely amazing that he even wants to continue serving in public office. Orrin Hatch has fought some of the most important policy battles in United States history and it would be foolish to needlessly send another freshman Senator back to Washington when we have the chance to elect a Utah Senator to Chair the extremely powerful Senate Finance Committee for the first time in 80 years.

Robert Kim Killpack, Orem

He is a man of integrity who has kept the interests of Utah as the primary focus of his leadership and tenure in Washington. He is a great leader and freind to both sides of the aisle who will keep the U.S. on the best track for all concerned as he continues in the Senate. We need more men like this great stateman and patriot!!!

Yvonne Maddox Roderick

The public record clearly shows Sen. Hatch’s singular effectiveness in the Senate. He has stepped forward numerous times, when other colleagues shied away, to accomplish important things for our nation and us its citizens. In the post-Obama era, starting next January, Sen. Hatch will play a crucial role in returning America to its true, divinely inspired course.

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