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A Special Message From Governor Norm Bangerter & Representative Jim Hansen

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Last election, we supported Mike Lee for United States Senate because we thought it was time for Utah to make a change in Washington. Next election, we support Orrin Hatch because it's time for Utah to lead the change in Washington.

When Republicans win control of the Senate in 2012, Senator Hatch will become Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, the most important committee in Congress. Over 50 percent of the national budget—and every federal tax increase—must pass through the Finance Committee.

Re-electing Orrin Hatch is Utah's chance to lead the nation. It's our chance to show liberals that living within your means is as good of a principle for governing a nation as it is for governing a household. It's our chance to restore America as a land of promise and economic opportunity for our children and grandchildren.

Re-electing Orrin Hatch does matter. It matters to Utah. It matters to the nation. It matters to future generations. As Chairman, Orrin Hatch can stop federal tax hikes. He can cut spending. He can balance the budget. He can repeal ObamaCare.

This is Utah's time to lead. This is Utah's chance to change Washington. We hope you'll join us in re- electing Orrin Hatch.

Russ Jackson commented on 28-Jan-2012 11:40 AM
I support your efforts for financial sanity in Washington 100%. Nearly 16 trillion in debt is a disgrace! Tell the bureaucrats to STOP spending money (40,000 dollars per second) we don't have. Please, please STOP the madness! God Bless Russ Jackson

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